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Koryu's Charged Puzzle guide
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:36 pm    Post subject: Koryu's Charged Puzzle guide Reply with quote

I stole this from the main forums to put here before It got buried, I'm sure we can all use it. ::: (thanks Smile

Here's how charged puzzle works. You collect the plasma balls scattered around the different levels, and place them in the terminals located in the first room. Each plasma ball helps create a picture shown on the "Fence Art Confirmation Switch". You must create the correct pictures to get a boss warp at the end of the mission. If you do it wrong, you get a Habirao map with annoying music and poltys and kakwanes with tons of HP :/ And you don't get an S-rank. Ouch.

Anyways, here's the locations of each plasma ball. (There's doubles of a few of them.)

1: Quake Blast - after first room make a right.
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose1quake.PNG
1: Shock Staff - the right zonde trap at the room with the 2nd jarba spawn
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose1shockstaff1.PNG
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose1shockstaff2.PNG
2: Flame Blast - at the beginning, there's a fake wall to your right
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose2flame.PNG
3: Flame Blast - Trap in air.
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose3flame1.PNG
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose3flame2.PNG
4: Ice Blast- at the end room
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/rose4ice.PNG

A: Shock Shot - button on wall, last room
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartAshockshot1.PNG
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartAshockshot2.PNG
B: Ice Blast - invisible wall end of hallway after first warp
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartBice.PNG
B: Flame Blast - under the stairs
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartBflame.PNG
C: Quake Blast - the last room
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartCquake.PNG
D: Shock Staff - behind fake wall in last room.
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartDshockstaff.PNG
F: Shock Staff - the last room
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartFshockstaff.PNG
G: Shock Shot - Straight ahead, turn left after first spawn of badiras
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/heartGshockshot.PNG

#XY = # is the rose number. X is the northmost terminal on the minimap. Y is the southmost terminal on the minimap

1BA = Zoal Goug
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/1BA.PNG
2DC = Magas
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/2DC.PNG
3GF = Mother Brain
- http://thesosbrigade.net/guide/3GF.PNG
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